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Arjun Sarja, popularly known as “Action King” Arjun, is a versatile and accomplished actor, director, and producer in the Tamil film industry. With a career spanning several decades, Arjun has left an indelible mark on Tamil cinema with his powerful performances and impactful films. Here are some of his notable Tamil hits and contributions to the industry:

1. **”Gentleman” (1993):** Directed by Shankar, “Gentleman” was a major breakthrough for Arjun. He played the dual roles of a righteous man and a cunning antagonist, showcasing his acting range. The film’s gripping storyline and A. R. Rahman’s music contributed to its success.

2. **”Mudhalvan” (1999):** In this political thriller directed by Shankar, Arjun portrayed a common man who becomes the Chief Minister for a day. The film’s thought-provoking narrative and Arjun’s intense performance earned critical acclaim.

3. **”Mankatha” (2011):** Arjun’s portrayal of a determined police officer in this action-packed heist film garnered praise. His confrontation scenes with Ajith Kumar added to the film’s appeal.

4. **”Jai Hind” (1994):** This patriotic drama directed by Arjun himself showcased him as a military officer combating corruption and injustice. The film’s theme resonated with audiences, and Arjun’s commanding presence was a highlight.

5. **”Kurudhipunal” (1995):** Arjun starred as a police officer in this gritty crime drama directed by veteran director P. C. Sreeram. The film explored themes of moral ambiguity and the challenges faced by law enforcement.

6. **”Sengottai” (1996):** In this family drama, Arjun played a protective brother who sacrifices his own happiness for the sake of his siblings. His emotional performance struck a chord with the audience.

7. **”Dheena” (2001):** Arjun’s role as a loyal friend and protector of Ajith Kumar’s character added depth to this action entertainer. The camaraderie between the two actors was a highlight.

8. **”Jai Hind 2″ (2014):** A sequel to the earlier film, “Jai Hind 2″ saw Arjun returning as the lead and director. The film focused on issues such as corruption and environmental conservation.

9. **”Kadal” (2013):** In Mani Ratnam’s coming-of-age drama, Arjun portrayed a stern priest with a complex past. His performance added layers to the film’s narrative.

10. **”Irumbu Thirai” (2018):** Arjun played the role of a cybercrime specialist in this thriller, highlighting the dangers of digital technology and identity theft.

Arjun’s dedication to his craft and his ability to seamlessly transition between different genres have made him a respected figure in the Tamil film industry. His contributions as an actor, director, and producer continue to shape the landscape of Tamil cinema.

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