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11. Aayiye Aayiye tamil song Aayiye Aayiye Benny Dayal
12. Aavaram Poomeni tamil song Aavaram Poomeni Bhaghyaraj
13. Aae Poove Punnagai tamil song Aae Poove Punnagai Bharthwaj
14. Aayirathil Oruvane tamil song Aayirathil Oruvane Bombay Jayashree
15. Aandavan Seriyana tamil song Aandavan Seriyana Chandra Babu
16. Aavaram Poo tamil song Aavaram Poo Chinmayi
17. Aalapol Vellapol tamil song Aalapol Vellapol Chitra
18. Aanbinalae Undagum tamil song Aanbinalae Undagum CS Jayaraman
19. Aadra Ramma tamil song Aadra Ramma D Imman
20. Aasai Manasu tamil song Aasai Manasu Deepan Chakravarthi
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