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11. aalamarathula sodi kili tamil song online aalamarathula sodi kili vijayakanth
12. aalayamani elae oru thalatu tamil song online aalayamani elae oru thalatu vijayakanth
13. aalolam paadum thendrale tamil song online aalolam paadum thendrale vijayakanth
14. aanandham aanandham tamil song online aanandham aanandham vijayakanth
15. aanandham pongida pongida tamil song online aanandham pongida pongida vijayakanth
16. aara amar tamil song online aara amar vijayakanth
17. aararo naan padavo tamil song online aararo naan padavo vijayakanth
18. aararo paada sad tamil song online aararo paada sad vijayakanth
19. aararo paada vanthene( f) tamil song online aararo paada vanthene( f) vijayakanth
20. aariraro paadum annai tamil song online aariraro paadum annai vijayakanth
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