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1. aaacha paatcha asai vanthacha tamil song online aaacha paatcha asai vanthacha prasanth hits
2. aalakala visham sivanae tamil song online aalakala visham sivanae prasanth hits
3. aalana naal mudhala tamil song online aalana naal mudhala prasanth hits
4. aararo aariraro( bit) tamil song online aararo aariraro( bit) prasanth hits
5. aasai idhayam viriyum tamil song online aasai idhayam viriyum prasanth hits
6. aasaiyil oar kaditham varaithadae tamil song online aasaiyil oar kaditham varaithadae prasanth hits
7. aatha un kovilile tamil song online aatha un kovilile prasanth hits
8. aathi sivanae tamil song online aathi sivanae prasanth hits
9. aathukulla ayira meenu tamil song online aathukulla ayira meenu prasanth hits
10. aayiram thadaigal tamil song online aayiram thadaigal prasanth hits
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