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1. aanbinalae undagum tamil song online aanbinalae undagum cs jayaraman hits 3:18
2. aarambamae avathu kannukulae tamil song online aarambamae avathu kannukulae cs jayaraman hits 6:20
3. aarambamae enikum manathu tamil song online aarambamae enikum manathu cs jayaraman hits 3:12
4. aayiram kann pothathu tamil song online aayiram kann pothathu cs jayaraman hits 3:28
5. anbalae thediya en tamil song online anbalae thediya en cs jayaraman hits 3:29
6. idhu than ulagamada tamil song online idhu than ulagamada cs jayaraman hits 3:26
7. kaa kaa agaram unna tamil song online kaa kaa agaram unna cs jayaraman hits 2:54
8. kaadal kadal karai tamil song online kaadal kadal karai cs jayaraman hits 3:27
9. kadal karumbu kandaen tamil song online kadal karumbu kandaen cs jayaraman hits 3:27
10. kadalukku kann illai tamil song online kadalukku kann illai cs jayaraman hits 3:25
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